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Rubber Industry Leadership (Episode 1) :
Thai Rubb Tech Co., Ltd., Thailand &
SK Polymer Co., Ltd., Thailand
Speaker: Chayut Suwanpimolkul
Suparp Suwanpimolkul
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Language: English
Time Length: ~90 Min
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Description: The "Rubber Industry Leadership" Webinar series is an interview programme with global rubber industry leaders. In this first episode, two successful rubber industry leaders from Thailand are invited to share their journey, experiences and challenges in building their businesses. The invited guests are "Mr .Chayut Suwanpimolkul, Managing Director, Thai Rubb Tech Co., Ltd., Thailand" and "Mr. Suparp Suwanpimolkul, Deputy Managing Director, SK Polymer Co., Ltd., Thailand".
Speaker: Managing Director
Thai Rubb Tech Co., Ltd
Deputy Managing Director
SK Polymer Co., Ltd.